Meet the Yoee Baby family of developmental baby toys designed to promote development through bonding and play from day one. Yoee Baby engages babies in the ways that science and research tells us they need to thrive! Inspired by caressing a baby with a feather, Yoee’s feather-like tail and features can be used to interact with your newborn baby in endless ways. The super soft fabrics, ergonomic handle, gentle rattle, crinkles, soothing integrated teether and adorable characters allow you and your baby to interact and play together to help promote bonding, interaction and development. Monkey, Puppy, Lion and Kitty will fast become a favorite for play time and story telling and are great for interacting with your newborn baby and promoting their development beginning on day one.

"The Monkey Yoee Baby is awesome! My son and I have a wonderful time playing with it. Customer service is beyond excellent!"
-Kristie on Facebook

"Love!!! My baby boy gets the biggest kick out of this toy."

"This is a game changer in the infant space. Amazing!"
Caren Shalek, VP Licensing, Sesame Workshop

"I got this as a gift when my baby was a month old. She loves it and I am so grateful for the individual who thought to give it to us. I love working on my little girl's development and seeing her smile in reaction to it."
-Abby Lathrop Martz 

"It's like a lullaby you can touch."
-YL, Boulder, CO

"Move over Soffie The Giraffe!"